AfroCentric Group: Best Healthcare Management Team Africa 2015

Standing at the apex of the black economic empowerment initiative deployed by the South African government to redress the inequalities fostered during the apartheid era, the AfroCentric Investment Corporation has assumed a prominent role in promoting a more equitable development model for the country. The company manages a diversified investment portfolio geared towards businesses in high-growth sectors that contribute in a meaningful and sustainable way to South Africa’s economic and social advancement.

AfroCentric Health is one of the mainstays of the group’s corporate edifice – complemented by interests in the technology and resource sectors. Within AfroCentric Health, the Medscheme service provides comprehensive service packages for both health risk management and healthcare management. While the former offers customised programmes that deliver enhanced healthcare value, the latter provides healthcare management solutions with the build-in flexibility that allows providers to keep a competitive edge in this most dynamic of industries.

Leveraging the latest technology and a tightly integrated team of experienced professionals, Medscheme forges close partnerships with its clients – and maintains short lines of communications – to ensure the ready availability and delivery of support services and resources that enable healthcare providers to consistently operate at peak efficiency. Medscheme’s dedication to excellence is rooted in a continuous drive for improvement powered by the permanent monitoring of systems, processes, and customer feedback. The company obtained ISO 9001:2008 certification for the core areas of its business operations.

The judging panel also noted that Medscheme is exceptionally conscientious in managing the public funds entrusted to the medical aid administrators – its clients. As with all companies under the AfroCentric umbrella, the pursuit of good corporate governance is considered of paramount importance to the enduring success of the business.

AfroCentric Health fully complies with all the provisions of the King III framework and diligently follows international best practices. The strict internal control systems and processes put in place are regularly benchmarked against the industry’s gold standard. The company has applied its expertise to other markets as well and maintains a strong presence in Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe. Entry into other markets is currently being considered.

The judges have no doubt that the integrated AfroCentric approach to healthcare management offers both the company’s clients and the wider society a wealth of benefits. As such Medscheme fulfils the corporate mission and vision of the AfroCentric Group in an exemplary fashion. The judges are pleased to offer AfroCentric the 2015 Best Healthcare Management Team Africa Award.

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