’s Winner in Kenya: British American Insurance Company


One of Kenya’s largest insurances companies, British American has overseas offices in London, Mauritius and Malta and is a subsidiary of the British American Investment Company.

With a management style both charismatic and inspiring, the Judging Panel considers the British American Insurance Company exceptionally well-placed to address the challenge of low insurance penetration in Kenya – a country where many people still think that such services are the exclusive domain of the wealthy.

What impressed the judging panel most was an innovative micro-life insurance product British American introduced a while back. Within a single year the company managed to offer extend coverage to no less than 50,000 new customers. The panel applauds this successful initiative and considers it “most comforting and reassuring” that British American is not resting on its considerable laurels but continues to work hard at the improvement and refinement of its product range.

The panel was also struck by the way British American applies new marketing techniques through social media. Additionally, the company is active on the institutional front and is seen as an authoritative voice often speaking on behalf of the entire Kenyan insurance sector. British American Insurance Company is named Best Insurance Company, Kenya, 2013.