Best Commercial Bank, China: CFI.co names China Merchants

China Merchants Bank, headquartered in Shenzen and

UBP Wins the CFI.co Private Banking Award, UAE

Now that many of the global universal

BVC: Best Stock Exchange, LatAm

The Colombian Securities Exchange has become a

UBS: Best Green Bank Switzerland

An increasing number of businesses, including banks,

AIM: UAE is Recognised by CFI.co as Best FDI Destination in the Middle East

Following presentation of the Annual Investment Meeting 

Zenith Bank:
A Winner in Nigeria

The Bank was named Best Commercial Bank,

Morgan Stanley: Best Institutional Broker UAE

When the going gets tough, the likes

Credicorp Capital: Best Securities Brokerage MILA

It takes both expertise and passion to

Ford Motor Co: Best Mobility Innovation – United States

Ford Motor Company has innovation tightly woven

Kempinski Hotels: Best Premium Landmark Hotels EMEA

Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, founded almost

Dunlop: Best ESG Corporate Citizen United States

Dunlop Tyres, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s

Barclays Africa Group: Best SME Partner Bank Africa 2017

Africa is on the move and the pushing is being done by SMEs – small and medium-sized enterprises. Small businesses account for more than a third of the continent’s economic output and are its main source of jobs. Africa is

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Banco Angolano de Investimentos: Best Social Impact Bank Angola 2017

Sowing remarkable resilience in the face of an economic downturn caused by the collapse of oil prices, Banco Angolano de Investimentos (BAI) has steadily managed to generate solid financial results, growing both its net income and profitability. Set up in

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Wafacash: Best Money Transfer Services Morocco 2017

Morocco owes around 7% of its GDP to its diaspora of more than eight million people. To tap into this vast market that moves in excess of €5bn annually, Wafacash has teamed up with online money transfer service WorldRemit. Now,

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Medallion Communications: Best Interconnectivity Solutions Team Africa 2017

Connecting Nigeria to the world, Medallion Communications maintains state-of-the-art switching centers and traffic clearing houses that allow the country’s telecom service providers to offer their clients world class services. Medallion Communications Limited (Medallion) is a foundational telecommunications infrastructure servicing company

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Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC): Best Direct Investment Promotion Team Africa 2017

  Botswana is, without doubt, one of Africa’s gems: the country consistently reaps regional top honours on global rankings of governance, ease of doing business, and economic performance. An exceptionally stable political climate, a fully independent judiciary, and a rigorously

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Catoca: Best ESG Mining Operations Angola 2017

Angolan diamond miner Catoca, the largest contributor to the country’s exchequer, last year pulled around eight million carats from its concession in the Lunda-Sul Province which sit squarely atop an exceptionally rich kimberlite pipe reaching a depth of over 600

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Cartier Saâda: Best Heritage Exporter Morocco 2017

Cartier Saâda sits, quite literally, at the top of Morocco’s food chain. The company brings more than half a century’s worth of knowhow and experience to the table in the production, packaging, and marketing of superior quality fruits and vegetables.

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Fidelis Finance BF: Best Social Impact SME Finance Burkina Faso 2017

Financing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in West Africa to unlock their potential for sustainable growth, Fidelis Finance BF provides credit for the acquisition of equipment and the increase of working capital. The firm, set up twenty years ago,

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Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA): Best Branch Network Angola 2017

Considered the local benchmark of excellence and innovation, Banco de Fomento Angola (BFA) maintains a network of around two hundred full-service branch offices that afford the bank a nationwide presence. Founded in 1990 as the country’s principal trade finance bank,

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The Access Bank UK: Best Africa Trade Finance Bank 2017

Deploying the power of technological innovation to attain and maintain both operational and customer service excellence has allowed The Access Bank UK to build up a commanding lead in trade finance. Though acting on a global scale, the bank enjoys

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