Touch Bank: Most Innovative Retail Digital Bank Russia 2017

With a full palette of innovative products and services, just a few mouse clicks away, Touch Bank has moved to the leading edge of Russia’s financial services industry – challenging tradition, promoting inclusion, and pushing the entire sector towards service model that slashes costs whilst improving both operational efficiency and client experience.

Touch Bank proves that excellence in the delivery of services is not the exclusive domain of brick and mortar banks. Though clients interact with the bank via the internet, their experience is not devoid of human warmth: as its name implies, Touch Bank emphasises a human touch – applied to all its front office operations with a view to gaining a deeper understanding of account holders’ needs and establishing long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

Touch Bank is part of the Hungarian OTP Group, one of the largest financial services providers in Central and Eastern Europe with operations in nine countries and well over 36,000 employees serving around 13 million clients. In Russia, Touch Bank is operating under the license of OTP Bank. As part of a larger and well-established group, Touch Bank offers its clients convenient access to a wide range of financial products and PFM-services delivered via multiple channels.

The judging panel recognises Touch Bank for its innovative and client-centric approach to banking, and its promotion of financial inclusion. The judges agree to name Touch Bank winner of the 2017 Most Innovative Retail Digital Bank Russia Award.