BAWAG Group AG: Best Banking Group Governance DACH 2021


In times of crisis, a good governance structure can allow businesses to weather the storm. BAWAG Group — an Austria-based banking conglomerate with a 138-year history and 2.3 million customers in the DACH region — has proven this time and time again. BAWAG Group has coped well with the Covid challenges, thanks to a strong capital position and a prudent approach to risk management. BAWAG operates across various brands with a comprehensive offering of financial services. In 2020, BAWAG Group reported a net profit of €284m and a RoTCE (return on tangible common equity) of 10.2 percent. The Managing Board deducted dividends of €460 million from CET1 capital at the end of 2020. The group kept its branches open during lockdowns and decided to pay a special bonus of €300 to all employees. BAWAG has been there for customers throughout the pandemic, even with the majority of our staff in central functions working from home. The group ensured Retail and SMEs clients had uninterrupted access to services and support. It saw increased usage across all digital banking channels and rolled out next-level mobile retail solutions in Austrian markets. Video conferencing allowed for virtual appointments and advisory services — even on Saturdays. An ESG bonus scheme was linked to housing loans and mortgages to promote energy efficiency and incentivise environmental responsibility. BAWAG Group mobilised an internal donation campaign and raised €150,000 in educational support for disadvantaged children. The judging panel presents BAWAG Group, a repeat programme winner, with the 2021 Best Banking Group Governance (DACH) award.