Containers Printers: Most Innovative Packaging Team Southeast Asia 2017

A lean and nimble business centred on serving their customers’ constantly evolving needs promptly, Containers Printers from Singapore is pushing the boundaries of packaging solutions with technology that is both environmentally sound and ergonomically convenient. The company is a major supplier of flexible laminates, metal packaging, spray can components, and other product delivery solutions all of which can be shaped and branded to the customers’ requirements.

Containers Printers is recognised for its excellence in quality control. The company pioneered a number of eco-friendly packaging solutions that meet or exceed all relevant international standards. Containers Printers’ products are present in over thirty countries.

The company secured ISO certification early-on and adheres to strict ESG standards. Transparency and regulatory compliance are considered essential to maintain corporate leadership. The company refuses to engage with businesses suspected of benefiting from child labour or other reprehensible practices.

The adoption of advanced risk mitigation processes has allowed Containers Printers to become a preferred partner of food and pharma companies. The company’s plants are continuously updated and upgraded to keep ahead of the technological curve. Production facilities are designed with a view to easy and speedy reconfiguration. This ensures full adaptability to customer needs.

The judging panel is pleased to note that Containers Printers follows a holistic in-house approach to packaging and branding, thus keeping all steps of the production cycle under its own control. The judges declare Containers Printers winner of the 2017 Most Innovative Packaging Team Southeast Asia Award.