Brahms Group: Best African Project Developer Switzerland 2019


Brahms Group

Brahms Group is a Swiss-based and African-led company, bridging Western investing with African opportunity. The company was founded by African entrepreneur Daouda Fall to spur economic development in the continent. Over the past decade, Brahms Group has directed investments towards the sectors with the most potential: energy, agriculture, and finance. The group is structured as three distinct yet integrated businesses including consulting activities, oil refineries, and agro-industries. Brahms Consulting is a relationship-driven and results-oriented advisory firm that assists companies planning projects in Africa by connecting them with finance sources and negotiating government contracts. Brahms Oil Refineries address the shortage of refining facilities in Sub-Saharan Africa by implementing modular refineries for strategic local production. This solution reduces the oil import burden, contributes to infrastructure development, and boosts local employment. Brahms Agro-Industries (BAIL) links Senegalese agricultural and livestock producers to international industry leaders for the optimisation and industrialisation of the sector, fostering self-sustaining national food supplies and improving the livelihoods of thousands of farmers. Brahms employees are united behind a mission to create wealth for clients, communities and the continent. Brahms brings a profound understanding of African markets and a solid international finance network to each project, laying a foundation for a stable and sustainable future. The judging panel applauds the company’s impact investing strategy and presents Brahms Group with the 2019 award for Best African Project Developer (Switzerland).

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