The Capital Finance International Top 100 List

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With the help of nominations from our readers, subscribers and contributors, the CFI judging panel has set out to identify 100 companies, organisations and individuals that stand out as examples to the world of how – properly used – the Capital Markets provide opportunities for strong and sustainable economic growth. We hope you will find this elite group inspirational. A wide range of criteria has been used to help the panel decide on listing:

  • Economic contribution
  • Use of Capital Markets
  • Corporate governance
  • Innovation
  • Effective use of technology
  • Accessibility
  • CSR policies
  • Market leadership
  • Transparency
  • Response to market demands
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Performance 

In addition we often request input from senior executives of these organisations to let us know how they facilitate or make effective use of the capital markets to achieve growth beyond expectation.

The full complement of 100 members will be included a special CFI supplement to be published in January 2016 in which we will be highlighting the reasons for their success. In the meantime, please consider nominating organisations and maybe individuals to join this diverse and highly successful group.

Please click here to go to the nomination page as there is still time for us to consider entries for the 2014 List.

The 2014 Top 100 List

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