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WHO: On new recommendation for treatment of COVID-19 patients: WHO calls for equitable access to casirivimab and imdevimab for COVID-19

The World Health Organization (WHO) welcomes the addition of another therapeutic to the world’s arsenal against COVID-19, but urges producing companies and governments to address the high price and limited production of the Regeneron antibody combination and ensure safe and appropriate handling

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WHO: New storybook to help children stay hopeful during COVID-19

Resource for parents, teachers and health professionals follows hugely successful first edition News release of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings  A new book published today aims to help children stay

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WTO: Global services trade recovering but below pre-pandemic levels, WTO barometer indicates

The recovery in global services trade looks set to extend into the third quarter of 2021. However, expansion could proceed along a lower trajectory if the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic turns out to be long-lasting, the WTO’s Services Trade

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World Bank Blogs: Solving the vaccination gaps

Widespread access to COVID-19 vaccines is critical for development. The world is currently faced with heavy COVID-19 caseloads, high death rates, and related reversals in development. Vaccinations appear to be the best single development investment available. Access is achievable, but

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World Bank Blogs: How the World Bank Group is helping developing countries to vaccinate their populations

Part of the world’s countries are making good progress vaccinating their citizens against COVID-19, which will save lives and get their economies back on track.  But most low- and middle-income countries are still struggling to get enough doses just to protect

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