Meets BSC Management Team: Expertise at the Helm

by CFI | May 30, 2017 10:28 am

The sustainable development and constant growth of BIDV Securities JSC (BSC) for the last seventeen years are result of the continuous effort and dedication of its entire staff.

Current Chairman of the Board Doan Anh Sang boasts well over thirty years’ of experience in the financial services world. Mr Sang is also deputy general director of Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV).

BSC’s Chief Executive Officer, Do Huy Hoai is responsible for day-to-day operations. Mr Hoai has worked for 28 years in the banking sector with an emphasis on stock market operations and transactions. BSC’s success and achievements is in part credited to his management expertise. As such, BSC has been a noticeable presence in Vietnam’s securities industry since the establishment of the country’s twin stock exchanges.

Director of Investment Banking Pham Xuan Anh brings fifteen years of experience to the company and is responsible for this strategic division of BSC. His clients include industry-leading companies in both the private and public sectors such as Eurowindow Holdings, Vietnam Airlines, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV), Corporation of Vietnam Airports, and petrochemical Binh Son Refinery.

Tran Thang Long, Director of Research at BSC, has specialised in deep market research for over a decade. His team provides strong back-up to BSC clients, investors, and other departments. He is a reliable source of information and regularly publishes updated market-coverage reports. By providing potential investors with thoughtful corporate insights, the Research Department directly contributes to the success of IPOs of major companies.

Last but not least, Tran Ngoc Diep, chief accountant of BSC, is in charge of cohesive planning, administrative organisation, and risk management. With executive management experience spanning ten 10 years, Mrs Diep has contributed tremendously to the smooth and seamless running of BSC’s internal management system. She enjoys the full trust from the board of directors and departmental heads.

Determined to become a full-fledged investment bank in Vietnam, BSC management promotes skills development and innovation amongst the firm’s employees. In order to achieve the objective in near the future, BSC has set up several programmes and initiatives that serve three core principles:

Finally, BSC actively fulfils its corporate social responsibility via a number of programmes that aim to alleviate poverty and promote education. BSC is also actively engaged with efforts to reduce and eliminate illiteracy. CSR initiatives are undertaken in all parts of the country.

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