WHO: SAVE THE DATE – Will emerging data allow increased reliance on vaccine immune responses for public health and regulatory decision-making?

The WHO R&D Blueprint is organizing a consultation to discuss emerging evidence towards the establishment of correlates of protection for COVID-19 vaccines.

Vaccine developers and researchers will present new data and current research plans. The consultation will include deliberations on specific components of the immune response that may be correlated with clinical protection and trial and statistical methods to generate and analyse available evidence.

There is a need for robust data that would help to swiftly evaluate updated versions of available vaccines against the emerging strains and new vaccines against current and emerging variants. Immunobridging could contribute to the evaluation of modified vaccines, to accelerate bridging efficacy to additional populations and against variants of concern, and to better understand the duration of protection.

 Invited experts will include:

  • Leading researchers on COVID vaccine studies
  • Statisticians and clinical trial experts
  • Vaccine developers
  • Regulatory experts

Agenda is available HERE


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