Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited: Best Investment Research Team Japan 2019

Hiromichi Shirakawa (PhD) Managing Director, Vice Chairman, Head of Economics (Japan) and Chief Economist (Japan) of Credit Suisse Securities (Japan) Limited receiving an award from Chairman

As a subsidiary of Credit Suisse AG, one of the “Bulge Bracket” banks (the eight largest multi-national investment banks in the world), Credit Suisse Securities is backed by a global network of vast reach and resources. The Tokyo-based company can trace its origins back to 1959, as the sole underwriter of Japan’s first post-war government-issued bond. Now the company operates under the Credit Suisse umbrella, tailoring securities and investment banking solutions to meet the needs of Japanese customers. Credit Suisse Securities offers a range of services — from stocks and bonds to corporate advisory and alternative financing — to fit any client’s investment strategy. To make the most informed decisions, the company relies on a crack team of researchers to provide quantitative analyses of Japanese economics and equities. FinTech continues to revolutionise financial markets, and Credit Suisse Securities is leading the charge with tech-driven market research. Machine learning, artificial intelligence, and text mining provide powerful tools to eliminate the shortcomings inherent in financial forecasting, thus enabling Credit Suisse Securities to “nowcast” highly accurate index estimates. The company provides economic research coverage on structural issues and longer-term subjects based on an AI-driven high-level quantitative analysis of large caches of raw data, including review of macroeconomics and policies. The judging panel applauds Credit Suisse Securities ability to manoeuvre aptly in a field where the goal posts are moving swiftly — and even up the pace. The judges declare Credit Suisse Securities as the lightning-fast and data-deft winners of the 2019 award for Best Investment Research Team (Japan).

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