New World Development Co: Best Investor Relations Team Hong Kong 2017

A journey, no matter how long, starts with the first step. Though that assertion may be far from original or novel; its truth remains unaltered and applies to most endeavours, including investing. In order to deliver sustainable returns, a measure of philosophy applied to the investment process yields results that often exceed expectations.

As such, New World Development Co (NWD), a Hong Kong company focused on cross-sector property development, is recognised as a purveyor of uncompromised quality. The group, listed since 1972 on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and a constituent component of the Hang Seng Index, maintains sizeable stakes in the infrastructure and services, retail, hospitality, and serviced apartment segments. The company prioritises the maintenance of clear, wide, and open communication channels with the investment community in order to deliver a constant flow of timely and accurate information and data.

Seeking to strike the right balance, that exquisite and flexible space between originality and reality, New World Development Co incorporates new ideas and technologies into its strategy in order to deliver optimum results to all stakeholders. The company is part of The Artisanal Movement that strives to surpass the mundane world of design and aesthetics to explore, uninhibited, the vast realm of imagination – blending timeless craftsmanship with the spirit of innovation in the pursuit of excellence.

The judging panel is convinced that the unique approach implemented by NWD ensures the delivery of superior results to investors. The judges are pleased to offer New World Development Co the 2017 Best Investor Relations Team Hong Kong Award.

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