Ann Makosinski: A Beautiful Mind

Inventors don’t always make the best entrepreneurs. The skills and attitudes needed to develop new ideas are not the same as those required to turn new ideas into self-sustaining, commercially successful enterprises. However, one young Canadian is set on combining

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Liya Kebede: Millionaire with a Heart

The people of rugged, landlocked Ethiopia do not lack in natural grace and beauty. Some of the best-known modern Ethiopians are phenomenal long distance runners. Another famous Ethiopian is supermodel, designer, maternal health advocate, multimillionaire, actress, social activist, and entrepreneur

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Thomas Piketty: Courting Controversy

If there was one person who could be likened to a rock star in the world of economics, then Thomas Piketty is it. He’s a showman, an artist, and professional ruffler of feathers. Just like any rock star, he also

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