UBP Wins the CFI.co Private Banking Award, UAE

Now that many of the global universal

Best Commercial Bank, China: CFI.co names China Merchants

China Merchants Bank, headquartered in Shenzen and

BVC: Best Stock Exchange, LatAm

The Colombian Securities Exchange has become a

UBS: Best Green Bank Switzerland

An increasing number of businesses, including banks,

Zenith Bank:
A Winner in Nigeria

The Bank was named Best Commercial Bank,

Morgan Stanley: Best Institutional Broker UAE

When the going gets tough, the likes

AIM: UAE is Recognised by CFI.co as Best FDI Destination in the Middle East

Following presentation of the Annual Investment Meeting 

Credicorp Capital: Best Securities Brokerage MILA

It takes both expertise and passion to

Kempinski Hotels: Best Premium Landmark Hotels EMEA

Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group, founded almost

Ford Motor Co: Best Mobility Innovation – United States 2016

Ford Motor Company has innovation tightly woven

Dunlop: Best ESG Corporate Citizen United States

Dunlop Tyres, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s

The Access Bank UK: Best Africa Trade Finance Bank 2016

No two trade deals are equal: exchange rates change, transport modes differ and transit times may vary. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution, trade financiers must know their customers and be willing to adjust to changing circumstance. The Access Bank

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Telekom Networks Malawi: Best Mobile Operator South-Eastern Africa 2016

An Internet service that just works. All the time. Sounds simple enough, but in many parts of Africa even sending an email can be a frustrating exercise. Not so in Malawi. Here, mobile phone operator TNM – Telekom Networks Malawi

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NBC Bank: Best Retail Bank Tanzania 2016

Leading the push towards excellence in financial services, Tanzania’s National Bank of Commerce has repeatedly raised the bar – and set new benchmarks – by introducing novel products and services, adding to its already comprehensive offerings. As a client-centric business,

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Assupol: Best Life Assurer Southern Africa 2016

Serving South Africans regardless their income bracket, Assupol offers a comprehensive suite of insurance and savings products. The company has been in business since 1913 when it was founded as a burial society for civil servants. Since then, and building

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McOttley Capital: Best Boutique Investment Bank Ghana 2016

As financial markets mature, the need for specialised investor services increases. Such it is in Africa where a decade-long economic upswing has added multiple layers of complexity to the indigenous financial markets. Ghana has attracted plenty of attention from investors

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Salaam African Bank: Best Sharia-Compliant Commercial Bank East Africa 2016

Though the country’s banking sector is well-developed and solid, Djibouti lacked a locallyowned commercial bank until 2008 when Salaam African Bank opened for business. Fully Shariacompliant and featuring a comprehensive suite of products and services, Salaam African Bank has decisively

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Friesland Campina WAMCO: Best CSR Programmes West Africa 2015

Providing branded high-quality dairy products throughout Nigeria and West Africa, FrieslandCampina WAMCO is a market leader on a mission to improve the lives and welfare of both its customers and the wider society. The company, an affiliate of Royal FrieslandCampina

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Rosabon Financial Services: Best SME Financial Advisory Nigeria 2015

Providers of the fuel that powers Africa’s largest economy, Rosabon Financial Services helps Nigeria’s small and medium-sized enterprises find the funds required for expansion. A leading financial intermediary and equipment leasing company, Rosabon Financial Services is part of the Concept

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Edgars Stores: Best Customer Satisfaction Retailer Southern Africa 2015

The customer is always right. This old adage holds as true today as it did when the phrase was originally coined in the early 18th century by English retailers seeking an edge over the competition. At Zimbabwe’s Edgars Stores, the

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UMEME: Best ESG Power Producer Uganda 2015

UMEME is Uganda’s largest electricity distributor and listed on the Uganda and Nairobi Security Exchanges. This company pays the utmost attention to the needs and aspirations of all stakeholders as was brought to the attention of the CFI.co judging panel

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